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Adam’s Updates (9.12.21) Bus Transportation, Simultaneous Teaching

Colleagues, Just another brief update on the issues related to the problems with bus transportation of students: - Bus transportation. All Secondary school students should have bus transportation as of tomorrow (Monday). The number of Elementary school students without bus transportation, according to the District, has now been reduced from 318 to fewer than 150. To clear up the confusion related to the delayed dismissal of students due to late buses, we are working with the District to clarify the protocols. Meanwhile, principals are being asked by the District to collect names of volunteers from BENTE, RAP, and RTA members willing to participate, if needed. Teachers who have remained beyond the normal school day last Thursday and Friday should so inform their principals, in writing, and retain a record of the amount of time. And since not all teachers are needed to assist with dismissal delays, those teachers who have after-school obligations, or choose not to remain beyond the...

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