The Rochester Retired Teacher Association is a Department of the RTA, composed of all retired members of RTA.   Dues are 1/10 active teacher dues, at this time $39.30 per year.  The membership year is September 1 through August 31.

Dues paying RRTA members receive all RRTA mailings and are entitled to vote in RTA elections, including elections for NYSUT, AFT, and NEA delegates.  Based on present membership, RRTA elects 28 Representatives to the RTA Representative Assembly.  RRTA elects a Department Chair, who sits on the RTA Executive Council.

Dues  paying RRTA members receive discounts on many RRTA activities, which are held, whenever possible, on school days, during school hours.

Upon payment of dues, an RRTA member receives the RTA/NYSUT pocket calendar to keep track of retiree activities.

Only retired RTA members are eligible for membership in RRTA.

 Good Reading With Our RRTA Book Club

In September, after a leisurely summer recess, the RRTA Book and Film Club resumed our monthly meetings.  This academic year we decided to meet on every 3rd Tuesday.

Our club, by happy consensus, decides on a theme every month, often compiling a tantalizing list of possible books to read.  When we meet, we take turns talking about what we have recently read, usually, but not always, on the theme selected.  Our group is magnanimous, not stuffy, and there are no lectures or assigned reading.

In September, our theme was “Sci/Fi and Fantasy.”  October was “Memoirs.”  November was the NPR Great American Read list of America’s 100 most-loved books.  In December we read “Comfort Books” ((sort of like comfort foods but less fattening).  Members are free to pick and choose among the suggested books for each month’s theme or read something entirely different, with our encouragement to share their thoughts the following month.

Our next meetings will be April 23, 2019.  All meetings start at noon.  Bring a brown bag lunch.  There are often sweet treats to share for dessert and always coffee/tea.  We meet in Conference Room C in the RTA office suite, 3rd floor of 30 North Union Street in Rochester. Theme: Books about American Foreign Policy. Suggested title: the “Rochester Reads” book for 2019, “American War” by Omar El Akkad.

If you are an avid, or even an occasional reader and would liked to share your thoughts on your most recent(or beloved) book or film, consider joining us.  We are a friendly group, open to all RRTA members.  If you still have questions, feel free to email me at:

Maureen McCarron, Coordinator


Rochester Teachers Care is a weekly series from the RTA that highlights exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues. This video focuses on the Dress A Girl project and the dedication our retired teachers.

Rochester Teachers Care is a weekly series from the RTA that highlights exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues in service to our students. This video focuses on what some retired teachers are doing for some schools in the RCSD with the RRTA’s Books for Kids program.