The Rochester Retired Teacher Association is a Department of the RTA, composed of all retired members of RTA.   Dues are 1/10 active teacher dues, at this time $39.30 per year.  The membership year is September 1 through August 31.

Dues paying RRTA members receive all RRTA mailings and are entitled to vote in RTA elections, including elections for NYSUT, AFT, and NEA delegates.  Based on present membership, RRTA elects 28 Representatives to the RTA Representative Assembly.  RRTA elects a Department Chair, who sits on the RTA Executive Council.

Dues  paying RRTA members receive discounts on many RRTA activities, which are held, whenever possible, on school days, during school hours.

Upon payment of dues, an RRTA member receives the RTA/NYSUT pocket calendar to keep track of retiree activities.

Only retired RTA members are eligible for membership in RRTA.

2021 Retiree Healthcare Information

 Good Reading With Our RRTA Book Club

The RRTA Book & Film Club continues to meet once a month on the third Tuesday at Noon in Conference Room C, at the RTA Offices, 30 N. Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607.  We bring “brown bag” lunches, and often other treats to share, but there’s no mandate to bring food.  There’s coffee & tea available.

What do we read?  Well, first of all, we don’t assign books!  We have a “theme” every month, on which we decide as a group (usually in June) and then we read/watch everything and anything on that theme, discussing those books &/or films at our monthly meeting.  We end up generating a fabulous list of books &/or movies and lots of good discussion about what we’ve liked or not.
The group also has a number of excellent cooks, so it is worth coming for the treats & recipes alone!
January’s theme was “Academy Award-Worthy” books & films and we spent a full hour discussing the movies we’ve watched both from the current list of award nominees and others.  Here is our list of meeting dates and our “themes” for the rest of 2019-2020:
Feb. 18th:  “Romance & Love Stories.”
March 17th:  “Historical Fiction” with an emphasis on the Irish Titans of literature.
April 21st:   “Nature and New Beginnings”
May 19th:  “Mothers & Daughters”
June 16th:  “Summer & Beach Reading” Where we’ll generate good suggestions for vacation reads and our themes for the 2020-2021 year.
The Book & Film Club is open to all RRTA members.  Bring a friend!  We look forward to seeing you in 2020.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Maureen McCarron, Coordinator
RRTA Book & Film Club


Rochester Teachers Care is a weekly series from the RTA that highlights exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues. This video focuses on the Dress A Girl project and the dedication our retired teachers.

Rochester Teachers Care is a weekly series from the RTA that highlights exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues in service to our students. This video focuses on what some retired teachers are doing for some schools in the RCSD with the RRTA’s Books for Kids program.