Contracts, Bylaws & Publications

On this page you will find the most up to date contracts, bylaws and agreements.  When there is updated information we will contact members and update this page.

Current RTA Contract (extended 2022)

As we continue to bargin for a successor contract all provisions covered by the Triborough Agreement will continue until an agreement is reached.

2021-22 Salary Steps

2021-22 Salary Steps

Per diem Substitute Contract

Per diem Substitute Contract (2017-20) updated May 5, 2019 

APPR Extention for 2019-20

APPR agreement extended to the 2019-20 school year.

School Based Planning Team Manual

School Based planning emanates from the belief that the productivity of schools is critically dependent upon the degree to which members of the school community, especially teachers and parents, understand and share in the District’s mission and program which shape their work with students.

RCSD Attendance Manual

Provides information about the laws and regulations governing school attendance and the procedures followed by the district to maintain compliance with these mandated procedures.

RTA Resource Handbook

A great resource of some of the most sought out information from the RTA.