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Adam’s Update (6.6.21) Negotiations, Simultaneous Teaching, Layoffs & Displacements, APPR, Vaccinations, Rochester Teachers Care, the District’s Masking Policy

Colleagues, As we begin the final stretch for this school year, here’s a brief update on some current issues and developments: - Negotiations. The impasse in bargaining for a successor contract continues. After mediation failed, we filed with the NYS Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) for the next impasse resolution stage available to us: Fact Finding. We already submitted our brief and expect the Fact-Finder’s non-binding report to be issued soon. You should know that, despite an unprecedentedly huge increase in their funding due to full NYS Foundation Aid and the Federal Stimulus money, the District continues to plead poverty, to misrepresent their fiscal condition, and to seek health care concessions from teachers. Since the current RCSD administration took over, there has been no good-faith negotiations on the part of the District. Please feel free to contact John Pavone <>, RTA’s Chief Negotiator, with any related questions. - Simultaneous...

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