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Adam’s Update (11.16.21) Teachers Have No Confidence in RCSD’s and Superintendent’s Response to Lack of Safety

Colleagues, Based on the results of teachers’ responses to a recent survey, the RTA Representative Assembly earlier today affirmed the teachers’ overwhelming expression (93%) of no confidence in the District’s and Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small’s response and current plan to address the lack of safety at our schools. The Resolution of No Confidence, along with the summary of results from the RTA’s survey, is attached below.  While Rochester City Hall declared a State of Emergency due to the alarming increase of violence across the city, the Superintendent of Schools is failing to take any real action and is offering band-aids and empty rhetoric instead of leadership. Last month, all four unions representing teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and non-teaching employees in the Rochester City School District formally offered recommendations to improve safety and learning conditions (including lower class sizes, social and emotional support for students, incentives for filling...

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