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Adam’s Update (1.8.20)

Colleagues, Here’s a brief update about several topics currently salient and a couple announcements about workshops available to you: - Layoffs. The original number of proposed teacher layoffs was 168. That number was reduced to 155 and then, just hours before our December 19 Rally to Spare Our Students, to 109. Since then, the number of layoffs was further reduced to 95, disproportionately at the Elementary level (83 Elementary, 8 Reading, 2 Speech, 2 English). Because of the steady stream of teacher resignations and mid-year retirements, we expect more laid-off teachers to be recalled. Our goal is to get the District to recall all of our colleagues now on the preferred eligibility list.  - Displacements. Approximately 150 teachers were displaced from their positions as a result of the disastrous mid-year cuts recommended by Superintendent Dade and adopted by the Board of Education. The majority of the displaced teachers remained in the same schools; the rest had to...

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