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Adam’s Update (4.28.21) We’re Not Falling For It

Colleagues, Before you decide whether to accept the Superintendent’s invitation (see below) to “discuss important issues, share your suggestions, and make a connection,” you should be alerted to the possibility that this is little more than yet another end-run on your union. Here’s why: - Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, at a time that the District is swimming in money, is still refusing to settle our festering negotiations unless we agree to significant reductions in your health benefits. - Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, despite our advocacy on your behalf, is still refusing to agree to any alternatives to the simultaneous teaching requirement. - Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, along with some hostile school board members and the anti-union State Monitor, supports “right sizing” the District (a euphemism for maxing out class sizes, closing schools, laying off teachers, cutting services for students). - Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small has shown a pattern of being in agreement...

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