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Adam’s Update (11.30.20) APPR, Teachers Calling for Parent Surveys, Planned Hybrid Plan, State Monitor’s Reports

Colleagues, Welcome back. Hope that you had a good Thanksgiving. Here’s an update on some current issues: - APPR. The current NYS Education Department regulations require that the existing Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) agreement remain in effect unless and until a successor agreement is negotiated. That is why you have just received a communication from the District that supervisors will begin scheduling formal observations with appropriate notice and pre/post conferences. And now that the District indicated that they plan to do virtual observations, not currently in our agreement, we have formally requested to re-negotiate aspects of our APPR plan. We have until March 1, 2021 to conclude these negotiations.  - Calling Parents. Some principals are asking teachers to call parents to ask them whether they will select remote or hybrid learning for their child. Just like you, we were surprised by this request. I have reached out to Superintendent...

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