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Scholarships Available from the RTA

The Rochester Teachers Association, through its Scholarship Committee, awards scholarships to needy and deserving college-bound students.  Final selections will be based upon academic achievement, financial need, character and leadership ability. Click on the...

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Job Share Deadlines

Current job sharing teachers who wish to stay together are required to notify the District (Dr. Christopher Miller/ by March 1st of the intent to either continue OR discontinue the job share as of September 2021. Teachers seeking new job...

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Retirement Deadline

If you are retiring and plan on receiving any accumulated monies from the Absentee Reduction Plan (Section 60, page 121), you must notify the District by this Friday, February 26th of this intention.

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Rochester Teachers Care


This video focuses on Maria Milford, her awesome interactions with her students and some of the amazing things that are going on at School #44.

Rochester Teachers Care

This video focuses on Chris Fields from East and the work he does with his students and their book club.

Rochester Teachers Care

A video highlighting what sixth grade teacher John Martin Cannon is doing with his students, their families, and the community.

Rochester Teachers Care

Rochester Teachers Care is a weekly series from the RTA that highlights exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues in service to our students. This video focuses on what Tanya Homer is doing for her students at School #52.

Rochester Teachers Care

This video focuses on what some retired teachers are doing for some schools in the RCSD with the RRTA’s Books for Kids program.

Rochester Teachers Care

This video focuses on the Math and Movement and the great work by Gina Cordaro.

Speak Out to the School Board Tomorrow

Colleagues, It is becoming increasingly obvious that the District remains dismissive of the collective wisdom of parents and teachers and continues to ignore their legitimate concerns. Despite the fact that 70% of parents, and 89% of teachers, do not have confidence...

Ventilation Reports For Phase I Schools

Below are the School Inspection Reports from Olmsted Environmental Services, Inc. as prepared by Ed Olmsted, CIH, CSP  and Jennifer Long, MS.  The Phase I reports were commissioned and paid for by the RTA Health and Safety Committee. If you have any questions please...

We need answers from RCSD... We share member's frustration with the lack of information on the reopening plan from the RCSD and finding bits of information through the media and other various sources.  There are increasingly frequent and inaccurate rumors spread...

Special Subject & Support Services Q&A

 For Special Subjects and Support Services Teachers Returning   on   January 4th: Initial Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Question:  Who is returning on January 4th? Answer:  Initially the District identified 95 Special Education...

Attending Physician’s Statement/COVID Leaves

If you are seeking a COVID leave we are encouraging members to have a physician fill out the Attending Physician's Statement and submit to the District as soon as possible. Click to download the following: Attending Physician's Statement Form (must be filled out by a...

 Rumor Control During these uncertain times, there are increasingly frequent and inaccurate rumors spread especially through FB and other social media. Such misinformation, often promulgated by uninformed sources, is unhelpful and causes unnecessary alarm and...

FAQ’s on Reopening Phases 1-3

Below are FAQs on Reopening Phases 1-3 Initial Questions and Answers for Returning 1/4/21 Teachers (From the Special Ed Teachers meeting 12.10.20) Special Subject & Support Services Q&A

Introducing CIT Lead Teacher-Mentor OFFICE HOURS via Zoom

The Career in Teaching (CIT) Program is offering teachers drop-in mentor support before school, midday, and after school with regular CIT Mentor Office Hours via Zoom. Need some advice about an instructional challenge?  Some assistance with writing IEPs?  Some...

Professional Development Opportunities for RTA Members

 The Career in Teaching Department and the Rochester Teaching Academy are collaborating to bring our members three professional learning opportunities centered on Restorative Practices.  Each two-hour session will be facilitated by a CIT Lead Teacher/Mentor and will...