Officer Denny Wright, a police officer in the community of Rochester NY, serving us for more than 22 years and is the husband and father of two RTA members.

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, Denny was having lunch with his daughter, and left to respond to a domestic disturbance call.  During that call he was viciously stabbed numerous times, sustaining multiple severe injuries.  The police chief said it was the worst attack he had seen in his 19 years on the force.

This AMAZING  family needs our support.  No amount of money can give Denny and his family what they have lost, but it can help to make everyday things we take for granted easier.

The link below is to the #WRIGHTBYYOURSIDE GoFundMe page where you can receive updates on Denny’s progress as well as make a donation.

See updates or donate here