As of today, below is the guidance we have for those locals and members seeking to be vaccinated:

 Individual registration through New York State (Website and Hotline): Individuals, seeking to secure an appointment are encouraged to use the New York State corona virus website: https://covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/  and follow the registration process.  In addition to the website, the state has created a COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline which is open 7AM – 10PM, 7 days a week.  The hotline can be used for scheduling vaccination appointments for eligible New Yorkers: 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).
Due to the high demand, securing an appointment may take some time.

• Local Health Departments- In areas across the state local health departments have created a registration system for 1b eligible recipients to register.   You can check your local health departments website to see if they have created an online registration or a phone number.

• Use of non-NYS portals:  There are many COVID-19 registration portals online, including some set up by individual health care facilities. However, these clinics are created to vaccinate heath care workers associated with the facility.  While we are hearing reports of members who successfully register through the phone lines, we have heard that members were ultimately turned away at the last moment because they are not a healthcare provider. The main NYS website listed above appears, currently, to provide the best results for the registration process

*12:49 pm 1/11/21 update: The link is now back to the 1B sign up. This is putting your name on the list and gets you into the system. Governor Cuomo said in his State of the State address that getting a vaccination could take up to 14 weeks but it is better to have people on a list in case the vaccine allotment increases from the Federal Government.

*Update 8:40 1/11/21 The website has crashed and the 1B link was replaced with the 1A link. We will update when we have new information.

Teachers can now sign up for the Covid vaccine as part of group 1b through NYS website. We will update when we have further information.