I thought I’d share with you this terrific memo about SLOs to Edison teachers from their RTA Faculty Reps. Feel free to adapt for teachers at your school.

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Here are some update from RTA regarding SLOs.  As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask us or call the RTA office


On December 22nd SLO’s are due for submission. Here are 10 useful SLO pointers and guidelines

1.      As you are working on your SLO’s PRINT EVERYTHING and SAVE it.

2.       If you have already completed your SLOs, print everything and save it.  Documents CAN and HAVE been changed in edoctrina.

3.      Use as much evidence to support your target numbers as you can.  Use SPA, current assessments, and current attendance .  For example, if a student has never passed a math class with more than a district minimum 50 and has poor historical attendance record of attending school, those can be used as evidence supporting your score targets.

4.      Include attendance data for the year before (available on SPA) and the current year for all students below the district recommended 93%.

5.      For each student with behavior and emotional issues, include them in the comment section that can be brought up for each student. If they are not, or have not been, coming to school regularly or are off task when they are in school how can they learn to the levels the district provides?

6.      Use district average scores as a guide if you feel they are appropriate.

7.      Consider the testing environment and schedule.  If your SLO is tied to a state exam, and your student is taking several regents exams the same week, factor this into your targets.

8.      Include any other relevant information that supports the target scores you picked.

9.      Most importantly, if after your submission you get an email stating “Revision Required” do not ignore it. You need to meet with your administrator to address their concerns. You can take a rep to the meeting. If you communicate through email, copy and paste the emails into the comment section of the SLO’s. If they are not signed off on by the principal, all students will be given the district average as their target score. And more than likely you will be writing an appeal. Putting in the data mentioned previously in this email is like writing an appeal to start and may help you reach a reasonable compromise with your administrator.

10.   And don’t forget to PRINT EVERYTHING and SAVE it.



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