Committees have been established by negotiated contracts and RTA’s Rules and By-Laws.  Each committee is designed to provide a special service to RTA members.  Serving on these committees are over 220 RTA members, appointed by the RTA President, with consent of the Representative Assembly. 

There are three categories of Union committees – Standing, Special and Joint RTA-CSD/Labor-Management committees.

Standing committees are established in the By-Laws of RTA and carry out prescribed functions.  Members are appointed by the President and serve overlapping terms of two years. 

Special Committees are designed for a particular need not covered by any of the Standing Committees.  With the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee, members are appointed by the President with consent of the Representative Assembly and serve until the specific charge of the committee is completed.

Labor-Management and Joint RTA-CSD Committees are those established in the contractual agreement between RTA and the District.  Members are appointed by the President, subject to the consent of the Representative Assembly, and serve one year terms.

Service on all Standing and Special Committees is open to all RTA members.  Joint Committee members are limited by contract to teacher unit members only.  For your information, we list below the various committees and a brief identification of each committee’s charge.


Negotiating Committee*:  Prepares all negotiations proposals for teacher unit members, negotiates with the District and submits reports and recommendations to the membership.
Adam Urbanski, RTA, Chairperson
Martha Keating, RTA, Co-Chairperson
John Pavone, RTA, Chief Negotiator

Grievance Advisory Committee*:  Process all grievances filed by teacher unit members according to the contractual agreement and develop Association positions on all matters pertaining to the rights of Association members.
Martha Keating, RTA, Chairperson

Margaret Sergent, RTA, Co-Chairperson

Committee on Professional Development and Instructional Services:  Develop Association positions on all matters affecting instruction.

Susan Goodwin, RTC, Chairperson

Member Services Committee:  Investigate, report and monitor those benefits to which members are entitled as a direct result of membership, including, but not limited to, group purchasing plans.

John Pavone, RTA, Chairperson
Dave Altobelli, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

Membership Committee:  Organize and conduct membership enrollment, assist the secretary in maintaining complete and accurate membership lists, organize annual retirement dinner and other occasional functions.

Aimee Rinere, RTA, Chairperson

Mike Tobin, SOTA, Co-Chairperson

Legislative/Political Action Committee:  Have broad concern for local, state and national legislation affecting the interests of schools and teachers and the Association.
Candice Rubin, RRTA, Chairperson

Sharon Silvio, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

Public Relations Committee:  Develop internal and external communications, inform the public or educational issues and union positions, maintain liaisons with community.

Matt Lavonas, RTA, Chairperson

Budgetary Review Committee:  Study and review the current budget of the City School District along with other comparable budgets, keep records and statistics pertinent to the membership’s best interests, compile data for support of contractual negotiations.
Aimee Rinere, RTA, Chairperson
John Pavone, RTA, Co-Chairperson

Committee on Human Relations:  Work to plan, develop and promote activities as appropriate to further the civil and human rights of students and educators.  Sponsors annual Student Recognition Day in memory of Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr.
Yolanda Montalvo, RTC, Chairperson
Barry Swan, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

Student Discipline Committee*:  Develops and recommends for Board approval, ways and means to provide suitable educational opportunities for pupils who are so disruptive that they require special assistance.  Committee is also charged with the responsibility to develop procedures for the conduct of student discipline hearings.
David Wurz, RRTA, Chairperson
Dawn Hohmann, SOTA, Co-Chairperson

Crime Victims Assistance Committee:  Investigate incidents in which teachers and paraprofessionals are assaulted or otherwise made victims of crime during or as a result of the performance of their professional duties; develop a program for the Association to help members so victimized to file grievances when appropriate; work with all committees, officers and agents of the Association to promote safety in schools.
Greta Davis, #58, Chairperson
Candace Rubin, RRTA, Co-Chairperson


Action Committee:  The Action committee helps to organize and engage the membership in various activities (protest marches, buttons, educational campaigns) in order to further the RTA’s educational and policy agenda.  We seek to advance teachers’ rights through various means not limited to legal civil disobedience.  We are active in our immediate RCSD community and seek to foster positive relations with the parent and families of our students.  Finally, we do a charitable “Holiday Basket Giveaway” to aid our neediest families during the holiday season.
Rakia Hardaway, Edison, Chairperson

Rules and By-Laws Committee**:  Assists members on questions of procedure and operation of Representative Assembly; recommends adoption or amendment of By-Laws and Rules; reviews and, if necessary, edits amendments to By-Laws and Rules proposed by members; and assists in preparation of tentative agenda for each Representative Assembly.
Mary Barnum, RRTA, Chairperson

Voice of Women Committee*:  The Committee creates a stronger voice in our union by providing interested members, especially women, a forum to express and act on concerns relevant to the employment and participation in union activities.  It will initiate discussions in an effort to improve contract language and otherwise deal with issues important to members, especially women.

Marilyn Shapiro, RRTA, Chairperson

Mary Barnum, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

Special Projects Committee*:  Supports key reform initiatives to ensure that the union’s role and effectiveness are furthered.
John Pavone, RTA, Chairperson
Aimee Rinere, RTA, Co-Chairperson

Scholarship Committee*:  The Committee administers the Peter Castle Memorial Scholarship fund which annually awards scholarships:  the General Scholarship, the scholarship for a son or daughter of an RTA member, the Scott Spino Teaching Scholarship, the Gordon Dorway Science Scholarship, and the Ken Silvio Technology Scholarship.
Joe Zuniga, RRTA, Chairperson

Nominating and Elections Committee**:  Develops criteria and procedures for the selection of nominees for all Association officers, Department officers, Faculty Representatives, and NYSUT/AFT Delegates.  Schedules and conducts the elections for all offices; tabulates and reports the election results.  Members of the committee are elected to serve by the Representative Assembly.
Karen Lahr, RISE, Chairperson
Debbi Jackett, Per Diem Sub, Co-Chairperson

Rochester Teaching Academy*:  This committee offers workshops on instruction, teaching and work-related topics.  It constitutes our union’s professional development program for teachers.
Debbi Jackett, Per Diem Sub, Chairperson
David Altobelli, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

NYSUT Local Action Project:  The Local Action Project is a unique program developed by NYSUT to help local unions increase membership participation, build community support and achieve results in providing the best education programs, contracts, budget votes and more.  The LAP program is an opportunity to partner with NYSUT in developing an action plan to move our local forward.

Aimee Rinere, RTA, Chairperson

Health and Safety Committee*:  Works to ensure RTA members and RCSD students have a safe working environment and provides workshops on related topics.
Margaret Sergent, RTA, Chairperson
Fabian Serventi, #52, Co-Chairperson

School Innovation Committee*:  This committee explores and promotes innovative ideas to assist schools and teachers to develop changes to school structures, programs and policies that will provide better conditions for teaching and learning in District schools.  It consults with, and makes recommendations to the Office of Innovation, other RTA committees and members, and outside consultants and personnel.
Gavin Barry, #58, Chairperson

Technology Committee*: General oversight of all areas of RTA technology, to assist RTA offices with technology issues and updates.  Consult, plan, maintain, implement RTA office technology and policy.
Bill Gerber, RTA, Chairperson

Multicultural Education/Parent and Community Relations Committee*:  This committee is working to provide support to teachers through collegial dialogue, presentations, seminars and conferences.  These activities are designed to provide a professional forum for discussing the issues relevant to providing children a multicultural education.  It will also study, propose and develop ways to improve communications and relationships among teachers, parents, schools and community.
Susan Goodwin, RTC, Chairperson
Gaya Shakes, RRTA, Co-Chairperson

Service Fund Trustees*:  Administers the RTA Service Fund, receives and processes requests for financial assistance from members who are in need.
Margaret Sergent, RTA, Chairperson (9/23)
Martha Keating, RTA (9/21)
John Pavone, RTA (9/23)
Aimee Rinere, RTA (9/23)
Matt Lavonas, RTA (9/22)

Labor Council Delegates Committee*:  Represent the RTA as delegates to the Rochester and Vicinity Labor Council, AFL/CIO; attend monthly meetings of the Labor Council.  The objective of the Labor Council is to unite all working men and women to protect, maintain and advance the interests of all working people.
Margaret Sergent, RTA, Chairperson

Rakia Hardaway, Edison, Co-Chairperson

Finance Committee*:  Committee will Review financial statements and RTA annual audit.
Aimee Rinere, RTA, Chairperson

Watchdog Committee:  This committee works over the summer to make sure the contract is enforced. 

Martha Keating, RTA, Chairperson

Margaret Sergent, RTA, Co-Chairperson


Joint Living Contract Committee*:  In order to resolve problems that arise during the life of the contractual agreement, a joint Committee shall be convened.  The committee shall consist of no more than four (4) representatives appointed by the Association President and no more than four (4) representatives appointed by the Superintendent. 
Adam Urbanski, RTA, Co-Chairperson

Affirmative Action Joint Committee*:  One representative from RTA serves on this District committee which has responsibility to study and recommend policies and procedures to accomplish the goal of equal employment opportunities in the District.
Paula Givens, RRTA, Chairperson

Career In Teaching:  This committee conducts the work of the CIT program:  to oversee and develop mentors and lead teachers, to develop and oversee peer reviewers and similar works. 

Stefan Cohen, CIT, Chairperson

Joint Committee on Alternative Schools*: In the current contract, RTA and the RCSD agreed to explore the development of at least one alternative school at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
Stefan Cohen, CIT, Co-Chairperson


RTA Conference Days Committee*:  A District-wide allocation of days and monies are established and this Committee shall administer the dispensation of these funds.

John Pavone, RTA, Chairperson

Committee on Sabbaticals*:  Receives applications and makes recommendations to the Superintendent for granting sabbatical leaves.  Rates proposals for sabbaticals according to criteria developed by the committee.

Stefan Cohen, CIT, Co-Chairperson

School Calendar Committee*:  Prepares the school year calendar for the Superintendent’s review and Board of Education approval. 

John Pavone, RTA, Chairperson

*Requires Representative Assembly Approval

**Elected by Representative Assembly

AD Hoc Committees

RTA Social Justice Committee

Gavin Barry and Kelly LaLonde, Co-Chairpersons