Based on the comments of teachers that have been back in the building for the last four week I have the following questions:

  1. Will the classroom trash be emptied daily?
  2. Will teachers have keys to the classrooms?
  3. Will students be required to wear masks?
  4. Will any rules be enforceable?
  5. What will be the consequence for a student that does not wear a mask?
  6. What will happen if a student arrives to school and they are living with family members that have covid?
  7. Will students eat in the classroom?
  8. Will the parking lots be plowed?
  9. Will students/staff have their temperature checked daily?
  10. Will classrooms be cleaned daily?
  11. Will teachers be allowed to bring their second monitor to the classroom?
  12. Will teachers be allowed to collect students’ phones?
  13. What happens when protocols are not followed?
  14. What supports are in place for students that are learning by Zoom?


Nicole Fraser

Algebra 2 Teacher Learning Specialist

Edison Career and Technical H. S.