From: Communications <communications@RCSDK12.ORG>
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2022 12:13 PM
To: Communications <communications@RCSDK12.ORG>
Subject: Professional Learning Course Completion Deadline 

Dear Colleagues,  

The professional learning course completion deadline is June 7, 2022. It’s that time of year and we are in the midst of reconciling credits.  Please be sure to check your transcripts to ensure accuracy in your Professional Development and State Certification hours. Remember no credit is issued until all surveys are completed. The deadline for completion of all surveys is June 10, 2022 by 4pm with no exceptions! 


Accessing your transcript:

  • Log in to TrueNorthLogic and click on “My Transcript.”
  • Select the desired date range and click “Search.” (The date range for 2021-22 school year is June 28, 2021 – June 7, 2022.)
  • Credit totals are listed at the bottom of the last page. (Please note that only Professional Development credits count toward the PD Incentive.)

If credits are missing from your transcript: 

·         Be sure all of your course surveys are complete. Credits will not be added to your transcript if the survey(s) is/are not complete.

·         Reach out to the course instructor or the department that provided the course.

If you have followed both above steps and the issue has not been resolved, please send your inquiry to in the following format to allow the Office of Professional Learning to best assist you:

  • Full course name and course and/or section number
  • Course provider (School, Program or Department)
  • Dates attended
  • Brief summary of the issue

Please see the 2021-22 Professional Development Guidelines and further information can be found on the OPL website

Sylvia Cooksey