All nominations for positions in the RTA Officers Election 20-21 have been submitted and accepted. The 5 RTA Officer positions are uncontested as are all positions in the following 7 departments: Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Home Hospital teachers, School Instructors, RRTA, and RPPP. Ballots will only be sent to the 4 departments with contested elections.  These 4 departments are:  Special Ed, Special Services, Per Diem Substitutes, and Senior High.  This was done a few years back when we sent ballots to 2 departments and aligns with directions given to reps that they do not need to conduct voting for uncontested positions.  It is also aligns with NYSUT’s procedures for their elections.   

Candidate statements for all positions will be posted on the RTA website on or around April 19. 

The election calendar remains the same.  Ballots will be emailed April 22 to members in the following departments only: Special Ed, Special Services, Per Diem Substitutes and Senior High.  Voting closes on May 11 and election results will be reported at the RA on May 18. The results will also be posted on the RTA website.