Hello all,

Welcome to the new section for intermediate teachers to find updates and things going on in the district.  As your Intermediate Chairperson one of my goals was to find a better way for teachers to receive and share information.  With the new website there is an opportunity for each department to have their own section.  I will blog from time to time with things that I have learned from Executive Council, rep assemblies and my own 4th grade classroom at School #2.  If anyone would like to post something here please send it to me at mlavonas@rochesterteachers.com and I will be happy to upload it for you.  I think people would love to hear what you are doing in your classrooms.

A couple of reminders to start the school year:

  •  If you have to complete 100 PD hours (formerly 175 hours) for your certification, it is your responsibility (not the district’s) to keep track of the PD hours you have completed.  Yes, it is on TrueNorth but I strongly suggest you keep your own records.
  •  If you know anyone who doing exceptional things in their classroom and would like them to be highlighted in our Rochester Teachers Care video series please contact myself of Aimee Rinere.  Please let your colleagues know too.  You can see all of the videos from last year here.  We will be releasing one video per week this school year on our Facebook page Sunday nights at 7 p.m.  It would be great if we could highlight you or someone from your school.
  • All paydays as well as other important dates can be found here.

If you don’t see something here or have any questions or suggestions please contact me.

Have a great start to the school year.

Matt Lavonas

Intermediate Chairperson/4th Grade Teacher/School #2