Transfer Days are scheduled on ZOOM for both voluntary applicants and displaced teachers are as follows:

6/22/20  log on at 3:30; begins at 4  Science

6/24/20 log on at 8:30; begins at 9 (order of tenure areas: PE, Art, Music, ESOL. Counselor. SSW, Math, English and Social Studies)

6/25/20 log on at 8:15; begins at 9 Elementary

6/29/20 log on at 8:15; begin at 9 Special eduction

6/30/20 log on at 8:15; MAKE UP DAY

*Updated 6/18/20 8:19 pm* Due to the number of people involved in the Reading and Library Media tenure areas, Human Resources will be conducting transfer by phone.

**Updated 6/20/20 2:30 pm For any K-12 tenure areas not listed, your transfers will take place via emails and phone calls.

Invitations to your appropriate Transfer Day will be sent to your work email.