Dear Colleagues,

As we again experience deep sadness and hurt, this time over the tragic death of Daniel Prude in our own community, our nation looks to educators to help teach our children that it is indeed possible to live in peace and to create a world with racial justice and dignity for all. Rochester teachers and their union rededicate ourselves to this goal and to the fulfillment of the best hopes and aspirations of all our students.

We stand in solidarity with all who insist that racial justice finally becomes a reality. Four centuries of injustice, racism, discrimination and unequal treatment in our country must finally end. We acknowledge the pain and trauma that our students and our community feel and join them in the demand for both justice and peace.

As teachers, we have a special responsibility and a special opportunity to support our students and each other during this time of crisis. We must continue to learn, to change and to work tirelessly towards a better and a more just society for all our children. Together.

Adam Urbanski

RTA President