RTA Covid-19 Alerts

If you have any problems or concerns in your building of Covid-19 guidelines not being followed, contact the RTA here.  

Adam’s Update (1.10.22) No Rhyme or Reason

Colleagues, Teachers know that the best way for students to learn is in-person, not remote - but only when it is safe to do so and certainly not at the peak of the highly contagious Omicron variant. That is why the District’s most recent (in)decision to have 29 schools resume in-person learning while 21 schools remain remote until January 18 creates more chaos, more danger, and more confusion....

Vaccine Clinics (Including Boosters) at School #9, Freddie Thomas (School #25 Entrance)

Vaccine Clinics (Including Boosters) at School #9, Freddie Thomas (School #25 Entrance) today and 1/10 from 8 am--2 pm. No appointment is needed.

Adam’s Update (1.7.22) Lack of Safe and Healthful Working Conditions

Colleagues, We are receiving indications from teachers (FB, Twitter, emails) that at their schools there is no heat, no cleaning, no disinfecting, etc. If you are aware of these or related conditions at your school, please email Martha Keating <maskerade6@aol.com> so that we could include as the basis for a Class Action Grievance and so that we could contact Central Office to address. The...