In this professional learning experience open to all Special Education Teachers, and their co-teaching teams, participants will reflect upon the benefits and challenges of co-teaching; addressing the communication, planning, and implementation of a collaborative approach to teaching. During this three-part series, facilitators Annamaria Manso, and Jeffrey Feinberg, will take co-teaching teams through the concepts and practices of four types of co-teaching models, providing concrete examples at various grade levels.

The dates for Co-Teaching Series are the following:

Wednesday January 31st, 

Tuesday February 6th, 

Tuesday February 13th


All sessions will begin promptly at 4:00 and go until 6:00.  You must be there on time, and for all 3 sessions to earn a total of 6PD credits.

You must team up with at least one member of your co-teaching team to be eligible to participate in the series.  A co-teaching member is anyone (including teaching assistants and paraprofessionals) who works in your classroom with you and your students.

Registration for this course will be done only by calling the RTA office @546-2681 so that, we can ensure that only those teachers who are participating with their co-teaching teams are registered.  Please be prepared to give your name, your co-teaching team members’ names, and all ID numbers.  The Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals (RAP) will monetarily compensate all paraprofessionals who choose to participate.

This is a unique program offered through the RTA.  We look forward to working with you.  (click to download this information)