TEACHER TRANSFER DATES: Placement days are scheduled at Wilson Foundation, 200 Genesee Street. See schedule below: • Monday 6/3 sign-in at 3:30; 4:00 start Subject Tenure Areas (Library, Business, Technology, Health, PE, Art, Music, Counselor, Social Worker, Family Consumer Science) • Wednesday 6/5 sign-in at 3:30, start 4:00 Subject Tenure Areas (Math, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Science, ESOL, Reading) • Thursday 6/6 sign-in at 4:00, start 4:30 Special Education • Monday 6/10 sign-in at 4:00, start 4:30 Elementary Please see the district bulletin for more information. If you are unable to attend Placement Day for your tenure area, you may have a friend or relative serve as your Proxy. Please complete a PROXY FORM which is located on the RTA website. Give your cell number to your proxy so you can participate if at all possible via phone. Remember, any action he/she takes on your behalf is irrevocable.

SUMMER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The maximum number of hours of school based PD an individual may complete during the summer is 18 hours for non-tenured teachers and 22 hours for tenured teachers. Teachers can complete all 24 or 36 hours if courses are offered on TrueNorth logic.

FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE ELECTION NOTICES: Faculty Rep elections should be held in May and June according to the RTA Rules and Bylaws and is based on membership in your schools. Now is a great time to elect Alternates as well. Please send in your election reports to Dave Wurz at as soon as possible.

APPR: The current APPR law has banned the following items as part of a teacher’s evaluation: evidence of student development and performance derived from lesson plans, other artifacts of teacher practice, and student portfolios.

SCHOOL BUDGET INFORMATION: According to the RTA Contract Section 9.9c(8): The Principal shall present to a joint meeting of the School-based Planning Team and Building Committee the proposed school budget. This presentation shall occur prior to June 1st and the principal shall seek the endorsement of the SBPT and the Building Committee.

RED WINGS BASEBALL NIGHT: Tickets are available to RTA members for the June 1st Red Wings baseball game along with an All-You-Can-Eat picnic before the game. Tickets are first come, first served for $20 each with a family limit of 4 tickets. Order forms can be found on the RTA website or the RTA Facebook page.

SAVE THE DATES: Red Wings Baseball Game – June 1st, Rochester Teachers 5K Challenge – June 2nd, RTA Retirement Dinner – June 13th, End of the Year Get Together – June 21st, Faculty Rep Training (Tentatively Scheduled) – August 15th and 22nd