What are my recall rights?
All employees in tenure track positions who are reduced are placed on a Preferred Eligibility List (PEL) for their tenure area in order of their seniority. The district is required to recall staff by seniority, accumulated in service to the system until the list is exhausted to any tenure area in which the staff has served.

What happens if I am still a probationary teacher?
The credit towards seniority and tenure you have received will be “frozen” as of your last day of employment. You will serve any remaining time towards the completion of your probationary period if
and when you are recalled from the PEL.

How do I apply for unemployment insurance?
Information regarding unemployment insurance and filing a claim is on the NYS Department of Labor
website at https://www.labor.ny.gov/unemploymentassistance.shtm. According to NYS Department of
Labor, unemployment insurance is temporary income for eligible workers who become unemployed
through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing, and able to work. The Department of Labor
determines whether a worker qualifies for unemployment.

When do health/dental insurance benefits end?
Health/Dental insurance benefits end 12/31/2019. You may continue your health/dental insurance for 18 months under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). The Employee
Benefits Office will send COBRA election forms to you. You will receive COBRA information about your dental coverage from Lawley Benefit Service. Lawley is the District’s third-party administrator for Dental COBRA.

What are COBRA benefits?
COBRA is a federal law that allows you to elect to continue to receive health and/or dental insurance benefits for 18 months following cancellation due to termination. If you elect to receive benefits under
COBRA, you will be responsible to pay for 100% of the premium cost plus a 2% Administrative fee. Anyone Medicare-eligible should contact the Benefits department directly to discuss benefit options that are available to them.

Are there other benefits for employees affected by reductions in force?
Yes, there is an Employees Assistance Program (EAP). The NexGEn EAP Employee Assistance Program services will be available until December 31, 2019. EAP offers unlimited confidential phone counseling 24/7 by calling 1 (800) 327-2255 at any time of the day or night. Certified counselors staff the phone line and every conversation is confidential between you and the counselor. You can also request an in-person counseling session if you prefer.
You can also access EAP online at www.nexgeneap.com
You will need to launch this using Google or Chrome.
If you are registering for the first time you will need the company code: 9045
Enter your name and click next
You will need to enter your email and create a password you will then click next
At the next page, you will need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number, your zip code and your date of birth. Then click next.

What will happen with my Flexible Spending Account?
Your FSA will be terminated on your last day of employment. Claims incurred before your last day of employment must be submitted for payment within three months of the date of your termination.
You can continue to participate in the health care expense portion of the FSA plan by enrolling in the FSA COBRA. Information regarding FSA COBRA will be provided in the COBRA continuation letter you will receive from the Benefits Department.

Am I eligible to work as a per diem or temporary services employee?
Employees impacted by the reduction in force may apply for employment as a per diem substitute.
Per Diem (Internal and External)
The Office of Human Resources has implemented a Substitute Management Division (SMD), an all-inclusive resource for applicants and per diem employees to access per diem oriented guidelines and materials. The SMD workforce is composed of per diem
Teachers, per diem Administrators and per diem School Safety Officers.
RCSD utilizes The Employment Store (TES) as its primary provider for clerical, technical, paraprofessional, custodial, and professional temporary workers. Additional information regarding the employment store is available at www.tesstaffing.com
Information regarding all per diem programs of RCSD and TES is available on the District’s website at www.rcsdk12.org/smd. All inquiries should be emailed to SMD@rcsdk12.org.

original link: https://www.rcsdk12.org/cms/lib/NY01001156/Centricity/Domain/93/2019%20%20RIF%20FAQ%20Updated.pdf