About the Virtual Instructional Model

  • The schedules are samples.  Teachers should use their professional judgement in conjunction with the needs of their students to provide the best instruction possible.

  • In the PreK-2 the 15 minute break is for the students;  teachers during the asynchronous time should take their ½ hour contractual break

  • Synchronous is defined as teachers and students on line at the same time for  instruction.

  • Asynchronous is defined time when students complete their work on their own time, off screen

Please feel free to contact Martha Keating masker6@aol.com, Margaret Sergent mmsergent@rochesterteachers.com, Aimee Rinere arinere@rochesterteachers.com, Matt Lavonas mlavonas@rochesterteachers.com, or Dave Wurz iandb99@ao.com with your questions.

Below are the links to the joint Memorandum of Understanding with Appendix A (sample virtual instruction schedules)

Sample Schedules