• Question:  Who is returning?

Answer: There are 95 Special Education classroom teachers identified as returning to in-person instruction on January 4th.  Additionally, the District wants approximately 315 Special Subjects and Support Teachers to return.

  • At which schools?

Answer:  Currently the identified schools are: #4, #5, #12, #15, #28, #29, #33, #42, #45, #53, RISE, Edison, Wilson Foundation and Wilson Commencement.

  • Who are the students that they will be teaching?

Answer: According to the District, teachers are keeping their own students with the exception of those who were approved for an accommodation for remote teaching.

  • Question: Where are these teachers being assigned?

Answer: The vast majority of teachers will be assigned to their current school.  East and  Franklin Lower will teach out of Edison temporarily until everyone returns.

  • Question: When can we get into our room?

Answer: Wednesdays, through the December 23. Affected teachers can prepare their rooms and be excused from PD, meetings, etc.  Also, they can arrange to teach remotely from their classroom beginning now.  The schools will also be accessible during the winter recess. Please communicate with your principals about the exact hours.

  • Question: Speaking of hours, what are they?

Answer: Schools will start at their regular (not remote) bell times. Elementary: 7:30-2:00 or 9:00-3:30; Secondary 7:30-2:30 or 8:30-3:30.

  • Question:  What about problems with scheduling?

Answer:  The District is reviewing schedules and will adjust.  As problems arise, please contact your RTA Faculty Rep or the RTA Office.

  • Question: What can we put/hang up in our rooms?

Answer: Walls should be welcoming and inviting. However, nothing can be added to the room such as bean bags, stuffed animals, additional tables, refrigerators, etc.

  • Question: How have the rooms been set up?

Answer:  All rooms should include physical distancing by no later than 12/16/20.  Desks and tables will be 6 feet apart. Please do not rearrange the desks or tables.

  • Question: What about cleaning supplies?

Answer: Each room should have disinfecting and cleaning supplies.  Contact your custodian or your administrator as needs arise.  The District may have more specific guidelines.

  • Question: What about cleaning during the instructional day?

Answer:  The custodial staff will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the high touch areas throughout the building and during night cleaning.  During the school day, as before COVID, teachers will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their own areas.

  • Question:  What about breaks and lunch?

Answer: Normal breaks and duty-free lunch are to be provided.  The break/lunch room needs to maintain social distancing.  Masks should be worn, except when eating.  No gatherings should take place for your own health and safety. 

  • Question: What about PPE? And how do we get more?

Answer:  PPE should be already available in your room.  As you need more, contact your custodian or administrator.

  • Question: Has the ventilation been checked in our building?

Answer: Not only has it been checked by the District, but the RTA hired Industrial Hygienists to complete independent assessments at schools that are reopening.

  • Question:  Will there be plexiglass partitions for students who, for medical reasons, cannot wear a mask and for those who demonstrate certain unsafe behaviors?

Answer: At least two schools are arranging for partitions because of medical exemptions.  If teachers at other schools believe that there is a need for such partitions, please contact your RTA Faculty Representative.

  • Question: Due to wearing PPE, can teachers wear more casual/easy-to-wear clothing?

Answer: Yes. There is no dress code for teachers.

  • Question:  Before we return, will there be additional written communication or meetings with the District that could include parents?

Answer: We have suggested this to the District.

  • Question: Will we be required to teach in-person and virtually simultaneously?

Answer: To the best of our understanding, that is the District’s plan as of now. The District believes that teachers can use their Teaching Assistants and Paraprofessionals to work with the in-person students while the teacher is working with the remote students and then flip that arrangement. We have raised questions and concerns about all this and have also formally requested impact bargaining. 

  • Question: What COVID testing will occur and where?

Answer: Required testing will take place at school buildings. The number of those tested will depend on the red or orange designation. It is the less invasive nasal swab. Students will not be tested every day; however, they are to complete the daily screening and will have their temperatures checked if it was not done prior to their arrival.

  • What if I have additional questions or concerns?

Answer:  Please contact your principal or your RTA Faculty Representative. You can also contact us at the RTA.

Because of the rapidly changing situation, the above answers may also be subject to changes and updates.