As promised, the following represents answers to the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received from RTA members this week:

– How long will our schools be closed?  We do not yet know. It will depend on the advice, guidelines and directives from the NYS Governor, Monroe County and health agencies, among others. 

– Will I be paid during the entire period that schools remain closed?  Yes. Consistent with Section 41 – 10.a.2 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, teachers will continue to receive their normal compensation and benefits. Same for Contract Substitutes. Long Term Substitutes also – if the assignment lasts for the entire period that schools remain closed. Per Diem Substitutes are not being paid during this period and therefore may qualify to apply for unemployment. 

– Is the deadline for transfers still this Friday?  Yes. The transfer portal will close at 4pm this Friday. Updated directions can be accessed here <>, including how to log on from home. Please remember that Teacher Transfer Days are usually held in June, though no specific dates have yet been designated.

– Can I still do PD while schools remain closed? Yes, as long as the Professional Development is scheduled outside what would have been your school hours. Same for online courses.

– Who should be contacted with questions about the Online Credit Recovery Program?  Superintendent Dade asked us to share with affected teachers the District’s clarification about some of our students’ Online Credit Recovery Program (see attachment below). If you have further questions or concerns, please contact RCSD’s Glen VanDerwater (585 472 0039). 

Online Credit Recovery attachment

– What do we know about potential budget reductions?  The Board of Education will begin to address next year’s proposed budget at tomorrow’s meeting. They have voted to do that despite the fact that the State budget won’t be finalized until April 1 and therefore we cannot yet know what exactly will be the level of State aid to the Rochester City School District for next year – nor how much additional funds may be designated to the District this year. More on this after tomorrow’s Board of Education meeting.

Please visit the RTA’s website <> for the most current information, useful links and contact information. Email us with questions or if we can be of assistance or leave a voice message on the RTA phone (585 546 2681). Stay safe.

Adam Urbanski, RTA President