From: Kanealey, Michelle M 
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2019 8:04 AM
To: White, Van <>;; Davis, Judith <>; Hallmark, Elizabeth F <Elizabeth.Hallmark@RCSDK12.ORG>; Lebron, Beatriz <>; Powell, Willa W <>; Sheppard, Natalie <>; Dade, Terry J <>
Subject: broken pieces

Good Morning,

I am writing to you asking who is coming in to pick up the broken pieces?  The students are devastated. We will need grief counselors in all buildings and should have had them already.  This is true grief. Our students struggle with how to show emotions in an appropriate manner.  They are acting out with anger and are unreachable emotionally. You make the decisions that impact children and we pick up the pieces…while we grieve with the children.

I have been a teacher in this district for 26 plus years.  I have worked so hard to support the district initiatives to support our students.  We were “changing the narrative”…you changed it back to the same disappointment that always comes around.  I’ve seen it too many times.  

I look forward to seeing support.

Michelle Kanealey

RISE Community School #106

ELA Instructional Coach K-6

“For it is in the giving that we receive”

-St. Francis of Assisi