If you are seeking a COVID leave we are encouraging members to have a physician fill out the Attending Physician’s Statement and submit to the District as soon as possible.

Click to download the following:

Attending Physician’s Statement Form (must be filled out by a physician)

COVID Leave Overview (this is the most up to date overview, as everyone is awaiting to see if there will be a new stimulus bill to continue some of these options.)

Link to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Accommodations and Leaves of Absence


  1. What dates should we put on the form, if aren’t sure?  Use the projected date of return to in-person; ending either on an individually selected date or June 30,2021.
  2. Can we withdraw the form/request if we aren’t required to be in-person? You can place it on hold until it is needed.  An email to Benefits@rcsdk12.og would be good documentation.
  3. What accommodations for childcare are available?  If EFMLA leave continue past 12/31/20, that would be available.  Otherwise, the District would recommend an unpaid leave.
  4. Who should file for an accommodation?  Anyone who cannot return to in-person  due to a current medical condition.
  5. When will we hear about our ADA accommodation request?  Benefits has received a large number of requests and are working through as quickly as they can.  If there is missing information, Benefits may reach out to you.  You can also email to Benefits@rcsdk12.org.
  6. How do I apply for an accommodation?  Completing the survey did not equate to applying for an accommodation.  The ADA accommodation form is on the RTA website <www.rochesterteachers.com> under “Forms”.
  7. If my ADA accommodation is denied, what are my options?  One option could be seeking a medical leave of absence. Or your doctor can change the documentation to allow you to return.

Leaves of Absence

  1. What is a medical leave of absence?  It is an unpaid leave requiring medical documentation.
  2. An unpaid leave of absence is available generally for: family obligations (such as having no childcare), education and other personal reasons.
  3. Parental leave of absence is another type of unpaid leave this is available to parents who require a return at the beginning of the third semester after the birth of the child.
  4. There are also sabbatical and exchange teacher leaves which require separate application. Sabbaticals were already granted last April for the 2020-21 school year.
  5. All leaves expire at either the end of the semester or the end of the school year.