Dear Colleagues,

This week’s Rochester Teachers Care video features last Thursday’s “Spare Our Students” rally <

 Rochester Teachers Care/Rally at The Board of Education

We are grateful to the several hundred teachers who showed up and then packed the meeting of the RCSD Board of Education. We urge you to sign up tomorrow (262-8525) to speak at the December 19th meeting when the school board is scheduled to vote on the cruel mid-year cuts. Even if you don’t speak, though, please come to the December 19 “Rally Again to Spare Our Students” and to support those who will speak. Prior to December 19, the Board of Education Fiscal Committee meets tomorrow and on Tuesday of next week. Both meetings will be at Central Office (131 West Broad Street) and both begin at 5:30pm. Parents of our students are mobilizing to speak at those Tuesday meetings and we should show up to support them.

As you well know, our goal is to persuade the school board to reject the hurtful and disruptive mid-year cuts and to seek additional funding from the State. That is also the goal of the many students and parents who are raising their voices against the Superintendent’s ill-conceived plan. For the sake of our students and our colleagues, please make it a priority to actively participate. Canceling the mid-year cuts and seeking additional State aid is the real solution. And the Board of Education can only be persuaded to do this if all of us join in solidarity with parents and students to demand this. And please continue to wear red until we prevail. #RTAStrong

Adam Urbanski, RTA President