Here’s a brief update:

– Deadline Is This Sunday. More than 80% of teachers have already submitted proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the District. Teachers who have submitted proof of vaccination are not required by the District to be tested regularly. If you have been vaccinated, but have not yet submitted proof of vaccination, you can do so here <>. The deadline for submitting proof of vaccination, or to submit proof of COVID-19 testing, is this Sunday. Information and directions for being tested, and for submitting proof of testing, was communicated by the District to all staff. Among other options, you can schedule COVID-19 testing at Walgreens <>. Remember to include the voucher code and HIPPA sign-off if you choose to have Walgreens notify the District directly.

– Solution-Driven Unionism. We are now finalizing proposals to the District that would address the continuing concerns with bus transportation, simultaneous teaching, lack of substitute teachers, students’ mask-wearing adherence, social distancing and class sizes, Special Education compliance issues, and other concerns related to reopening of our schools for in-person instruction. We will be presenting these proposals to the District within the next few days. More on all this soon. Meanwhile, please continue to bring to our attention any concerns related to these topics.

– Rochester Teachers Care. We are resuming the video project that highlights the exemplary work of Rochester teachers and their dedication to our students. This month’s segment <> features School #8’s Gia Vallone And Molly Bianco. During the summer recess, they went door to door to reach out to families of students to offer a welcoming message and to inquire what they could do to support their students and their families. If you would like to recommend someone(s) for a future video segment, please contact Aimee Rinere <> or Matt Lavonas <>.

– A Valuable Resource For You. Attached below is this year’s edition of the RTA Resource Handbook. It is a quick way to locate the basic information and resources available to you through your union. Whether you’re looking for contact information, payroll dates, school start and dismissal times, or anything in between, you can find it there at a glance. The RTA Resource Handbook is also posted on the RTA website <>.

– RTA Office Protocols. Following CDC guidance, and the protocols that our members have to follow at work, we have reopened the RTA office for in-person service. This includes mask-wearing, social distancing, vaccination or weekly testing, etc. Virtual meetings are still the norm although in-person meetings can occur when necessary. Please call or email us if you need assistance or if you wish to schedule a meeting.

We wish to acknowledge the extra effort and dedication of teachers during this difficult and sometimes stressful period. Thank you for all that you continue to do for our students. 

Adam Urbanski, RTA President

RTA Resource Handbook