As of today, 135 teachers have already submitted their notices that they will be participating in the 2019 Retirement Incentive that we’ve negotiated with the Rochester City School District. This already exceeds the 110 threshold required by our agreement. If you have not yet notified the District but plan to retire under this year’s Incentive, you have until April 15 to submit your Notice of Retirement to the HCI Office of the RCSD (by mail, email or in person). When you do so, please send a copy to RTA’s Martha Keating, as well. Your specified date of retirement must be between June 26 and June 30, 2019.   

Since the $50,000 payout is spread out over 5 years ($10,000 per year for five consecutive years, beginning with January 2020), we are working with the District to develop a standard form so that you could designate a beneficiary, if needed. We will provide that to you after April 15.   

Finally, RTA members retiring this year should hold the evening of June 13 for the annual RTA Retirement Dinner at Casa Larga. Retiring colleagues may bring a guest to this festive occasion.   

Please call the RTA, or email us, if you have questions or need assistance.   

Adam Urbanski, RTA President