Earlier today you received a communication from the District about “Important Information on the 21-22 School Year.” That email was sent during the meeting with unions to discuss the plan. As has been typical for the current District administration, this meeting called by the District to get input turned out to be a mere opportunity to announce what they have already unilaterally decided. The plan is based on assumptions, speculation and exaggeration of “input” from those most affected. 

Neither the email nor the meeting included specifics or details about the District’s plan and therefore lots of unanswered questions remain. For example, how will it be determined which teachers will be assigned to in-person teaching and which teachers will have priority for remote teaching? Or, will the District allow for alternatives to simultaneous teaching? We were unable to get answers to these and a myriad of other questions that teachers are already asking.

At this morning’s meeting, we formally notified the District that we reserve the right to negotiate the impact of their plan on the terms and conditions of work for our members. We also reiterated to the District our growing disappointment and concern with their continued refusal to engage in good-faith negotiations and their continued hostility toward teachers and their union. The District indicated that they are willing to meet soon to address these concerns and to also provide details regarding their 2021-2022 plan. They have yet to indicate to us whether they are willing to actually negotiate with us – as they are required by our contract and by labor law. If they do not, we will file yet another Improper Practice charge with the NYS Public Employment Relation Board (PERB) and take other appropriate and needed actions available to us.

Much more on this soon. We will certainly keep you informed about the progress of our efforts on your behalf and about any details we learn. Meanwhile, please check our website <> for the latest developments and contact us with any questions or if you need assistance.

Adam Urbanski, RTA President