As you may already know, several investigations have been launched to determine the facts related to the tragic death of School #12 student Trevyan Rowe. And we have learned this morning that most teachers at School 12, as well as some teachers outside of School #12, are among those who have received a letter directing them to preserve information on their District computers and other electronic devices. Some teachers have also received a request for a meeting or an interview related to the investigations. We have contacted New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) attorneys and, based on their advice, are providing the following guidance:
– If you’ve received, or will receive, such a letter, you must preserve and retain all of the materials referenced in the letter – as directed by the Rochester Police Department and Rochester City School District. Preservation of any potentially relevant documents or information, including social media posts, as identified in the March 20, 2018 letter, is required in connection with these investigations and any potential court actions.
– If you are called to a meeting or interview with any RCSD official, including the General Counsel’s office, you may request that an RTA representative be present for for the meeting. You have a right to union representation in any meeting or interview that you believe could reasonably lead to potential discipline. This is part of due process.
If you have questions, or need advice, please call us at the RTA (546-2681) or email Martha Keating <>. While we know that most teachers will not receive such a letter or request for interview, we’re not certain who will and therefore are informing all. 
We are all united in our grief and fully support the investigations so that they would lead to needed changes that would diminish the possibility that such a tragedy would happen ever again.
Adam Urbanski, RTA President