As you may already know, our schools will be closed for at least two weeks. What happens after that clearly depends on developments in this rapidly evolving public health crisis.

Superintendent Terry Dade reached out to us today to alert us that later this week you will receive a communication from the District asking teachers to reinforce and supplement the District’s recommendations to students and families as to how they could continue their learning at home. He will be encouraging teachers to remain in contact with students and their families and to recommend activities, resources and learning opportunities. He assured us that these expectations are predicated on trusting every teacher’s professional judgement and knowledge of students. He also assured us that none of this would be dictated by supervisors nor subject to any evaluation by them.

I  want to remind you that you can access your school and classroom tomorrow morning, between 8am and noon, if you want to retrieve any personal items and instructional materials or to engage in planning with your colleagues. This is strictly voluntary and you are not required to do so. After 4pm tomorrow, we are told, teachers’ school badges will be deactivated.

I hope that you are safe and taking good care of yourselves. We will continue to keep you informed and urge you to contact us with any questions or work-related concerns.

Adam Urbanski, RTA President