We have learned earlier this evening that the District will lay off 152 teachers, 32 non-teaching employees, 22 paraprofessionals, and 12 administrators. Although we still do not know which teachers will be laid off, affected teachers are supposed to get their notices from their principals this Friday. The mid-year layoffs, if enforced as planned, will have an adverse impact on all of us and on our students. 

We will hold a special session for teachers affected by layoffs on Monday, December 9, at the RTA (30 N. Union Street, Suite 301). And since this will be a “drop-in-session,” affected teachers can show up at any time between 2:30 pm and 6 pm. Topics covered during this special meeting include unemployment benefits, the preferred eligibility list, health benefits options, prospects for recalls and other pertinent information. Additionally, a New York State United Teachers expert on certification will be available from 2:30 pm ’til 5:30 pm to answer questions on that topic. 

We urge you to join us this Thursday to advocate for our students and to urge the Board of Education not to implement the current proposed plan. If cuts must be made, these cuts should be as far away from the classroom as possible. Better yet, the cuts should not be made in the middle of the year – thus disrupting relationships and our students’ education. Moreover, to avoid the cuts to our students, the District should seek legislation for additional State funding when the NYS Legislature reconvenes next month. 

Please call to sign up to speak (262-8525) to the Board of Education at this Thursday’s Board meeting. Even if you do not sign up to speak, please come to support those who will. The Board meeting begins at 6pm but we’ll be there earlier, from 4:30 pm, to rally in front of RCSD’s Central Office (131 West Broad Street) to demonstrate on behalf of our students. Please join us and urge others to do so. Stand up for our vulnerable colleagues and  urge the Board to spare our students.

In Solidarity,

Adam Urbanski, RTA President