Readiness for Safety & Instruction

We are reaching out to RTA Faculty Representatives to inform us about the status of readiness for safety and instruction. Please complete this needs assessment at your earliest convenience. At schools with multiple RTA Faculty Representatives, please designate only one RTA Faculty Representative to respond. A similar needs assessment will soon go out to RTA Faculty Representatives at Phase 3 schools.

Readiness For Safety and Instruction

1) What is the readiness in your building for simultaneous teaching?

2) What is the readiness in your building from a technology standpoint?

3) Do you have all of your PPE supplies?

4) What is your school's or program's readiness in terms of classroom spacing? (12 desks or tables, 6 ft with 2 students at the opposite ends of the table with plexiglass in between)

We have rooms in need of correction. Check all that apply and add room numbers below.

5) Are members in your building being requested to do out of unit work? Check all that apply.

6) Are there concerns with the standard operating procedures in your building? Check all that apply.