Rumor Control

During these uncertain times, there are increasingly frequent and inaccurate rumors spread especially through FB and other social media. Such misinformation, often promulgated by uninformed sources, is unhelpful and causes unnecessary alarm and confusion. It is the responsibility of your duly-elected union to keep you informed and we are doing our best to do so – through our website <>, through regular email updates and through your RTA Faculty Representatives.  If you hear of something that you would like the RTA to address please click on the link below. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Colleagues, On this Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent you. You are this community’s everyday heroes. Often without...

Dispel/Confirm a Rumor

Fill out the following information.  We will research the information and get back to you with the email you have provided.  All personal information will be kept confidential.

Rumor Control