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Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – In a Rochester 6th grade classroom Tuesday, a lesson involving math and reading became one about the spirit of this season.

Behind it is all was a teacher who wanted to do more for her students.

Lora Abbott, a teacher at School No. 7, had been using Crock-Pots every other Friday to teach her students about putting meals together.

“The math they learned, the reading, the writing skills, even science they can use,” says Abbott.

For Christmas, she had the idea of giving each student a Crock-Pot to bring home what they learned. Abbott asked friends, family and colleagues for helping buying Crock-Pots for Christmas, and very soon she received 20 brand new Crock-Pots.

On Tuesday, when her students returned from lunch, they were greeted with 20 large boxes wrapped in brightly-colored holiday wrapping paper.

What happened in class matched any Christmas morning. Abbott’s students cheered in excitement at the site of their own, brand new Crock-Pots.

Student David Rivera plans to give his to his sister as a gift. “I’m really happy everyone got a free crock-pot and no one has to worry about paying for our own, because not a lot of people have Crock-Pots,” Rivera said. “That’s special to get one.”

Abbott gently explained to her students that many people contributed to bring them the Crock-Pots.

She hopes students remember that kindness.

“I don’t want them to be thankful for me, because there are others are there and they will in turn give. They’ll cook for their families for that feeling of giving to others” Abbott said.

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