May 18, 2021

In accordance with the Article XI, Section 2C and Section 2D of the RTA Bylaws, the Nominating and Elections Committee hereby certifies the results of to be published in all faculty units within 15 school days following the election.                                                                      

Karen Lahr, Chairperson

N & E Committee


Officers Election

President                      Adam Urbanski                       Uncontested                             

1st Vice President          John Pavone                           Uncontested     

2nd Vice President         Margaret Sergent                  Uncontested

Treasurer                      Aimee Rinere                          Uncontested                             

Secretary                      Matt Lavonas                          Uncontested

Primary Department

Chairperson                  Carrie Gilroy                          Uncontested     

Vice-Chairperson          Alison Steixner                       Uncontested

Secretary                      Vacant

Department Rep.           Vacant

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

Intermediate Department

Chairperson                  Jason Valenti                           Uncontested                 

Vice-Chairperson          Jerry Wiepert                          Uncontested                 

Secretary                      Vacant

Department Rep.           Vacant

Alternate                      Vacant

Junior High Department

Chairperson                  Thomas Rossiter                      Uncontested

Vice-Chairperson          Vacant

Secretary                      Vacant

Department Rep.           Vacant

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

Senior High Department

Chairperson                   Kristine Price                          63

Gavin Barry                              50                   

Vice-Chairperson          Corrine Mundorff                   67

Vice-Chairperson          Rakia Hardaway                      49

Secretary                      Vacant 

Department Rep.           Vacant 

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

Special Education Department

Chairperson                  Maureen Doohan                     Uncontested     

Vice-Chairperson          Meagan Harris                        87

                                    Brittany Pallo                          38

Secretary                      Annette Pennella                    Uncontested

Department Rep.           Dana DeLong                          70       

                                    Delania Carraway                   54                   

Alternate Rep.               Jamie Klotz                             Uncontested

Special Services Department

Chairperson                  Julianne Wise                                       68*                                                                             

Kristen French                                      60*

                                    Kelly Lalonde                                       22*

Vice-Chairperson          Claire Labrosa                                    Uncontested

Secretary                      Vacant

Department Rep.           Vacant

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

*A run-off election is needed for the Special Services Department Chairperson between

  Julianne Wise and Kristen French – ballots to be emailed to the members of the Special

  Services Department on May 17, 2021.


School Instructors Department

Chairperson                  Kim Nadritch                                      Uncontested

Vice-Chairperson          John Houghtling                            Uncontested

Secretary                      Eileen Bauerschmidt                       Uncontested

Department Rep.           Jeffrey Ouriel                                  Uncontested

Alternate Rep.               Vacant


Home Hospital Department

Chairperson                  Lisa Silverstein                                 Uncontested

Vice-Chairperson          Patrick Cain                                       Uncontested

Secretary                      Laura Tai-Maneiro                             Uncontested

Department Rep.           Hannah McCann                               Uncontested

Alternate Rep.               Vacant


Per Diem Substitute Teacher Department

Chairperson                  George Greven                                     35                   

                                    Craig Charles                                       15

Vice-Chairperson          Thomasina Ferguson                         Uncontested                 

Secretary                      Joseph Gonzalez                                27                   

                                    Joyce Lindley                                       21

Department Rep.          Paula Snyder                                         24*

John Pappapietro                                  24*

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

* A run-off election is needed for the Per Diem Substitute Unit Department Representative

   between Paula Snyder and John Pappapietro – ballots to be emailed to the members of the

   Per Diem Substitute Teachers Department on May 17, 2021.

Rochester Retired Teachers Department

Chairperson                  Charlie Dean                                       Uncontested

Vice-Chairperson          Gaya Shakes                                     Uncontested

Secretary                      Mary Zimmer                                     Uncontested

Department Rep.           Kathleen Evans                                 Uncontested

Alternate Rep.               Vacant

Rochester Preschool Parent Department

Chairperson                  Teri Kenyon                                        Uncontested

Vice-Chairperson          Amy Levine                                         Uncontested

Secretary                      Susan Neal                                           Uncontested

Department Rep.           Paulette Vaccaro                             Uncontested

Alternate Rep.               Vacant