Rochester Teachers Care

Rochester Teachers Care is an initiative to highlight the terrific work that Rochester teachers do every day and to educate the public about the exciting learning opportunities in our public schools. The project will highlight exemplary work and dedication of our colleagues in service to our students. The RTA will release a professionally produced brief video highlighting the work of individual teachers, groups of colleagues, or entire Rochester schools. Supported by a generous grant from our state union, the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), we are working on this exciting project with former local newscaster Robin DeWind and photo-journalist Chris Coffey.

To nominate yourself, another colleague or a group of colleagues who are doing something special as a RCSD teacher please email Aimee Rinere or Matt Lavonas . You can also call us at the RTA (585 546 2681).

This video focuses on Maria Milford, her awesome interactions with her students and some of the amazing things that are going on at School #44.

This video focuses on what some retired teachers are doing for some schools in the RCSD with the RRTA’s Books for Kids program.

This video focuses on Chris Fields from East and the work he does with his students and their book club.

This video focuses on Carol Graham and the Afternoon Tea program for her students at School #29.

This video focuses on Chris Brady from Integrated Arts and Technology and the work he is doing with the greenhouse project.

This video focuses on Kristen French and everything she does with the Teachers 5K which helps get teachers healthy as well as getting supplies for their classroom.

This video focuses on Dan and Laura Delehanty from East and how they tandem teach in their classroom.

This video focuses on the Math and Movement and the great work by Gina Cordaro.

This video focuses on John Haag and the amazing things he is doing for his students.

This video focuses on Cheri France and the Children’s School morning meetings.

This video focuses on the Dress A Girl project and the dedication our retired teachers.

A video highlighting what Rochester teachers are doing with their students, their families, and the community with the district wide marching band.

This video focuses on Maureen Doohan from School # 34 and the work she and her students did with the Urbanport Project.

This video focuses on Logan Newman and the Vision Care Program at East High School .

This video focuses on what Tanya Homer is doing for her students at School #52.

A video highlighting what sixth grade teacher John Martin Cannon is doing with his students, their families, and the community.