Continuing Teacher and Leader Education is a law adopted into practice by the Board of Regents. The new law states “all holders of a permanent or professional certificate are subject to registration of their certificates starting July 1st 2016, if you are an active teacher or wish to return to teaching in any capacity.”

If you are currently teaching, you must register at the link below.

Go to the New York State Government website and register before being able to click on the special “teacher registration” tab. That will take you to another website to register for your teaching certificates. The process is as follows:

Click here to get to the web site.

  1. •Click “Create an TEACH account”
  2. •Check the box “I have not created a TEACH account…”
  3. •Click “Create Account”
  4. •Fill in requested information
  5. •Click “Teach Online Services”
  6. •Click ” View Registration Status”
  7. •Follow the prompts…

Click here to see some Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the list of RCSD Superintendent days

Original text written by Dave Wurz