Originally posted 3/11/20

*Update 3/11/21 New Powerpoint
*Updated 4/6/20. New state regulations will take effect 7/1/21. All information in the links are valid except the date has been extended one year.

Due to COVID, the Regents amended the reg to extend the cutoff date one year to 6/30/21.  That means that experience under the HOUSSE can be claimed up to that date and that applications for the SOCE or limited extension must be submitted by that date.

Special Education SOCE and Limited Extension Extension Memo COVID-19 (April 2020) PDF

There are new STATE regulations taking effect on 7/1/21* for teaching content subject areas to special education students.

Below is the link to the PowerPoint presentation (and PDF version) of the Statement Of Continued Eligibility (SOCE) informational session that the RCSD presented on March 10th.

Download SOCE Informational Session PowerPoint (Updated 3/11/21)

SOCE Informational Session PDF