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School Instructors Meeting Info needed

If you are a School Instructor please email Martha Keating (maskerade6@aol.com) with the following information. Name Certifications heldsubjects taughtschool years

Adam’s Update (2.23.20 Maintaining Our Solidarity)

Colleagues, Welcome back. I hope that you had a restful February recess. As you may have already heard, last Friday a Facebook group called Rochester Organization of Rank and File Educators (RORE),...

NYSUT/AFT/NEA Delegate Election Results

In accordance with Article XI, Section 2E of the RTA Bylaws, the Nominating and Elections Committee certifies the election results to be published in all faculty units within 15 school days...

Adam’s Update (2.12.20)

Colleagues, You may have heard about Superintendent Dade's speculation that, if we do not receive additional funding from the State, the District may not be able to meet payroll this year and may...

Adam's Updates

Rep 411

Info for reps & members

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Adam’s Update (1.23.20)

Colleagues, Yesterday you received a copy of the RTA Representative Assembly resolution condemning the District’s disastrous strategy for mid-year cuts and calling for the restoration of teacher layoffs and needed services for our students. Here’s a brief update on...

A Message from the Nominations & Elections Committee

Delegates Election voting starts on Wednesday, January 15 and ends on February 4 at 11:59 pm Central Time.  If RTA has your current email and you are an RTA member, you will receive an email from noreply@directvote.net with a unique username and election passcode.  ...

Adam’s Update (1.8.20)

Colleagues, Here’s a brief update about several topics currently salient and a couple announcements about workshops available to you: - Layoffs. The original number of proposed teacher layoffs was 168. That number was reduced to 155 and then, just hours before...

Adam’s Update (1.1.20 Rumor Control)

Dear Colleagues, By early next week, I will email you a more complete update on several salient topics such as the status of the RCSD’s budget, mid-year layoffs, mid-year displacements, negotiations for a successor contract, and the results of the recent RTA survey on...

Attention All Teachers: Workplace Harassment Training

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